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Luxury Bali Wedding Venues

The very best wedding hotels and villas in Bali and Yogyakarta

The clifftop wedding cabana of Alila Villas Uluwatu

Bali is famous for its magnificent views of the Indian Ocean, cool sea breezes that sweep over pristine sandy beaches and the friendliness of the local people. This is the perfect place for scenic clifftop weddings, exclusive beach weddings, stunning villa weddings and luxurious hotel weddings.

Your wedding venue in Bali is mainly dependent on just three things:

  • Your view location preference
  • Your guest list size
  • Your budget size

Your budget is likely to determine the location; a large budget will mean a greater choice of venues than a smaller budget and it will also make it easier to accommodate the many and varied needs of a large guest list. With a more modest budget you will likely be limited in what is possible, but remember, this is Bali and that makes up for almost everything.

Luxury Bali Hotel & Resort Wedding Venues

Unlike Bali wedding hotels, independent villa venues do not have a wedding department. You don't have to buy a wedding package, most villas do not charge for alcohol corkage or for using outside vendors and you can shop around for a great caterer for your event.

The most obvious benefit of using a villa in Bali as your wedding venue is privacy! Hotels can offer great facilities and restaurants but in most cases some areas are open to other hotel guests. You'll have the villa to yourselves for 3 days, the minimum rental period for most luxury villas in Bali, so you can use another day for a welcome dinner, post wedding barbecue or for you to just enjoy some quiet time before the big event!

Luxury Bali Villa Wedding Venues

The very best Bali villas offer a unique wedding experience. Their natural beauty, location and sprawling well manicured gardens can provide the perfect setting for your intimate Bali wedding.

There are literally thousands of villas in Bali. Only a few of them have the capacity for a wedding with upwards of 50 guests. Even fewer Bali villas can comfortably accommodate a wedding guest list of 100 people or more. Every client we've helped to find their ideal wedding venue has requested a villa with a stunning view, usually clifftop or beach front, so that shrinks the list of suitable and available Bali wedding villas to only a handful.

Not All Venues Can Be Recommended

While there are many excellent wedding venues in Bali, there are also many hotels and villas in Bali that we feel we cannot recommend. We are constantly inspecting venues and not all of them come up to our high standards. For example, some wedding venues may have accessibility problems, construction or maintenance problems, or the size or location might simply be inappropriate for any number of reasons.

Problems can also arise when the management overstates the capacity or size of a venue. They may do this to secure a booking, but it will usually only cause unnecessary problems. Sometimes venues that start out in excellent condition with high quality control then deteriorate over the years due to poor or no maintenance and upkeep. In addition, some villas or hotels may have the necessary capacity, but have a difficult layout, which makes them unsuitable venues.

It is also not wise to trust photographs found online. Sometimes old photos are used that show the venue looking pristine and perfect, when the reality is that it has been neglected over the years and allowed to be run down. There are also some camera tricks used that can deceive you. For example, a very wide angle fisheye lens might be used to exaggerate the actual size of a garden area, making it appear much more spacious than it really is.

There might also be hidden costs to look out for. If you use your own vendors, for example, you may be charged extra, and the corkage fees for using your own supply of alcoholic drinks can vary considerably. Also, while the bride's makeup room is often supplied free of charge, it isn't always the case, and without having inside knowledge about these things, your costs can quickly spiral out of control.

What A Successful Bali Wedding Needs From A Venue

Ideally your hotel or villa wedding venue needs these six things to help make a successful event:

  • A preparation area for vendors
  • 2 preparation rooms, one for the Bride and the other the Groom
  • A dedicated area for your Bali wedding ceremony with a fantastic view
  • A dedicated cocktail area to convene to after the ceremony
  • A large and spacious seated dinner area with a dance floor close by
  • A stage area for entertainers to perform on

With these six vital things in place, assuming the overall layout works well, your wedding will be on track to be a success, or at least the planning arrangements will be. It's really up to you and your guests to make a success of the event. That's why we'll look after all the boring planning details so you can get on with having fun!

Do Your Own Research or Hire Us!

This is why it is important - vital even - that you do your own meticulous research. If that seems a little too daunting for you, why not let us help? You should speak to one of our wedding planners in the first instance. You will be offered a free consulation and will be provided with a shortlist of wedding venues that we consider to be suitable for your needs.

As your chosen wedding planner, we can offer you our many years of experience and expertise in dealing with venues and vendors to help you secure the best possible deal. There's a lot to think about when choosing wedding venues in Bali, but that's what we do best. Our high standards will ensure that you have the best dream wedding experience possible, with an abundance of wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

Here are a few examples of our favourite Bali wedding venues (plus a sensational wedding hotel in Yogyakarta, Central Java). Click the Venue Details link for an overview of each property, the technical details and also examples of our weddings at the venue. We have many more villas and hotels in Bali and around Indonesia that we like but are not listed here, CONTACT US for more options.

*The photographs on this and evey other page on this website are from real Luxury Weddings Indonesia weddings. The decor is not provided by the wedding venue. All elements including flowers & floral arrangements, chairs, tables & all furniture, tablescapes, stages, wedding altars, dance floors, lighting, marquee, chandeliers and everything else is supplied by and designed by our decorators.

Floating stage for a wedding at Alila Villas Uluwatu

Alila Villas Uluwatu

Known as being one of the best luxury wedding hotels in Bali, Alila Villas Uluwatu ticks all the boxes for the perfect wedding venue; clifftop with ocean view, beautiful contemporary design and plenty of space. A buyout option opens up the possibility of using the central swimming pool as your wedding aisle.

Aerial view of Amajiwo Resort including the main dining hall encircled by stone villas


Located in Magelang, Central Java (not Bali!) Amanjiwo has to be seen to be believed. A beautiful luxury five star resort surrounded by rainforest and overlooking Borobudur Temple, one of the modern seven wonders of the world. A truly wonderful experience and a unique venue for your wedding.

Ayana Resort and Spa's grass amphitheatre wedding venue with chairs and a cermonial flower arch

Ayana Resort and Spa's SKY venue

The AYANA Resort and Spa Bali is an enormous hotel encompassing 9 wedding venues including the stunning clifftop SKY venue with it's 180 degree ocean views, clifftop ceremnony platform and ampitheatre and Tresna, a modern glass chapel floating on water.

Bride and Groom kissing in front of wedding guests in Khayangan Estates wedidng garden

Khayangan Estate

The most popular choice by our clients for a luxury private wedding venue in Bali. Khayangan Estate is a unique, beautiful and spacious villa complex built around cascading garden terraces with a cliff edge view of the Indian Ocean. A truly stunning property.

Wedding guests releasing white balloons in front of Mulia Resort's Eternity chapel

Mulia Resort Nusa Dua

The Mulia Resort Bali is a prestigious hotel with several stunning wedding venues including the 250 guest capacity Eternity chapel and for outdoors, the white sand beachfront Unity Garden, the dream solution for couples who desire the most luxurious Bali beach wedding venue.

Brdie and groom kissing under a flower pergola with the bridal party and groomsmen on either side of them

Ayana Resort & Spa's Villa venue

The Ayana Resort and Spa's three bedroom villa is a fantastic wedding venue with a breathtaking ocean view, perfect for small and medium sized Bali weddings. It's 3,000 square meter clifftop garden and cliffedge wedding platfrom combine to provide a unique ceremony area with plenty of space for dinner on the landscaped lawn.

Bride and Groom holding hands in front of Ritz Carlton's Majestic chapel with fireworks exploding behind

Ritz-Carlton Bali

The Ritz-Carlton Bali's beautifully designed Majestic wedding chapel offers a panoramic oceanfront view. Pair this with the Senses Lawn for dinner and you have a perfect Bali wedding venue

Bride and groom taking vows under a giant floral framwork with the beach and ocean behind

The Apurva Kempinksi

A fantastic new luxury Bali wedding venue with the panoramic oceanview Apurva chapel and a massive beachfront grass lawn perfect for your wedding reception and dinner.

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